Thonnur Swimathon, Tri Thonnur and Chamundi Hill Challenge

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Chamundi Hill Challenge    

Chamundi Hill Challenge is back on 5th November 2017 , it's a favourite course for many run lovers with a good and exciting mix of road
and trail with the amazing undulations of the Chamundi Hills. There will always be a choice of Tough 21k , Challenge 10k and Majja 5K runs.

THONNUR SWIMATHON     13-August-2017

Enduro presents Thonnur Swimathon at Thonnur Lake . Experience the joy of swimming in the beautiful and clean open
waters of Thonnur Lake . Mark your calendar for 13st August , pick your distance (1km ,2.5km,5km ) and gear up !


1000m Swim ( 500m out and Back )


2500m Swim ( 500m loops )


5000m Swim ( 500m loops )

TRI THONNUR     10-Sept-2017

Events that fits your style

Sprint Triathlon

Quick Dip

Swim: 750m, Bike: 20KM, Run: 5KM

Olympic Distance

Preparing for Olympics?

Swim: 1500m, Bike: 40KM, Run: 10KM

Half Iron

Breathe Hard, Dig Deep

Swim: 2000m, Bike: 90KM, Run: 21KM


Hate to swim?

Bike: 40KM, Run: 10KM


For the amphibians!

Swim: 1500m, Run: 10KM

Relay Olympic

Triathlon is a team sport!

Swim: 1500m, Bike: 40KM, Run: 10KM

Find your team mates before you register
Relay Halfiron

Triathlon is a team sport!

Swim: 1900m, Bike: 90KM, Run: 21KM

Find your team mates before you register

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Tri Thonnur 5th edition



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  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Some of us started biking, a few of us started running and the rest took to swimming. It was a destined day when we decided to try the other two sports and after a few years Enduro was born in Mysore. Being labelled the sleepy city, the small tribe stands out for their enthusiasm and are trying to get rest addicted to various sports. For now we are training, we are getting trained and organizing events. Tri Thonnur is our hallmark event, thanks to the gorgeous lake, brilliant food and some awesome people. We are planning a few more events for the next season, until then, train harder. We know you all love coming down to Mysore and we will make sure you visit more often.

  • Sep 2017

    The 5th edition

    Enduro presents the 5th edition of Tri Thonnur, one of the few open water triathlons in India. The Tri Thonnur is conducted at the scenic Thonnur lake, 50 Km from Mysore and is nestled between withering hillocks and ancient temples. Now completing a Half Ironman is tough enough but we make it a tad bit easier for you by providing you a setting with a view, just so that you enjoy the ride.

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